PureTec HEF

Air flow 1 – 46 m³/min

Modern industrial processes have reached very high levels of sophistication and require compressed air systems characterised by increasingly higher purity levels; inadequate or inefficient filtration can in fact cause service interruptions, high maintenance costs and loss of productivity. The PureTec - HEF filters were specifically designed to avoid these problems, offering levels of efficiency guaranteed and verified in the laboratory, in a range of configurations designed to suit every type of requirement. The HEF filters consist of an aluminium body containing a filtering element characterised by extremely high efficiency of nominal retention (99.99%) and very low load losses.

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  • The aluminium filtering body is protected from corrosion by anodisation with external powder painting
  • High quality filtering elements;
  • Certified levels of performance and efficiency;
  • Design for typically industrial and challenging conditions;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • "CleanFit" system for easy replacement of the filter elements;
  • Wide range of accessories and kits for custom solutions;
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and plant downtime.
  • Anodised die-cast aluminium body and external powder painting;
  • Support of the filtering material in stainless steel
  • Means of support in non-woven polyester fabric
  • 4 degrees of filtration: P,M,S,A
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar(g)
  • Maximum operating temperature: +65°C
  • Clogging indicator
  • Aluminium differential pressure gauge .
  • Magnetic differential pressure gauge with alarm dry contact;
  • Magnetic differential pressure gauge with alarm led;
  • Wall mounted kit HEF 005-HEF 070
  • Pack mounting kit for 2-3 filters: HEF 005-HEF 070
  • Floating internal discharger
  • Externally mounted floating discharger
  • Timed discharger
  • Manual discharger
  • Capacitive electronic discharger

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Purifying your compressed air, increasing your efficiency.

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