PureTec F 40 Bar

Air flow 12.6 – 37.5 m³/min

Modern industrial processes have reached very high levels of sophistication and require compressed air systems characterised by higher air purity levels. Inadequate or low efficiency filtration can cause interruptions of service, high maintenance costs and loss of production. The PureTec – F 40bar filters have been designed specifically to prevent these problems, offering guaranteed and laboratory tested filtration efficiency. The F 40bar filters are made up from a flanged carbon steel body containing a filtering element characterised by maximum nominal filtration (99.9%) and very low pressure drops.

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  • Top quality filtering elements
  • Certified performance and efficiency levels
  • Designed for typically industrial and challenging conditions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and plant downtime
  • Flanged carbon steel body externally powder painted
  • Stainless steel filtering material support
  • Support in polyester non-woven fabric
  • 4 filtration grades: P,M,S,A
  • Maximum operating pressure: 40 bar(g)
  • Maximum operating temperature: +65 °C
  • External drain with float
  • Timed drain
  • Manual drain

PureTec Data Sheet


Purifying your compressed air, increasing your efficiency.

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