The HPDry has been studied specifically for high pressure drying requirements (e.g. the production of PET bottles). The extremely strong construction with shell and tube heat exchangers with stainless steel pipes, ensures safe and continuous operation in any conditions.
HPDry is an energy saving dryer as it exploits the operational advantages of the thermal storage principle: a hydraulic vessel on the machine accumulates cold, acting as a thermal storage. This allows the dryer to automatically adapt to the air flow and ambient conditions, ensuring energy savings, which at partial loads can typically vary from 30 to 80%.
All HPDry models are made up from a chiller used to cool the compressed air passing through the gas/water shell and tube heat exchanger, allowing the moisture to be removed.

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  • High energy saving thanks to the thermal storage operation (no hot gas by-pass valve necessary)
  • Stainless steel corrosion-proof heat exchanger pipes
  • Stainless steel double demister separator
  • Constant dew point in all operating conditions thanks to the inertial storage tank
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Maximum reliability
  • Low environmental impact and reduced carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant R407C and the use of top quality materials that can be recycled.
  • No need to switch on and off: HPDry switches on and off automatically.
  • Carbon steel sheet structure, hot-painted with epoxy powder RAL7035
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R407C
  • High energy efficiency hermetic scroll compressors
  • Air/air and air/water shell and tube exchangers with stainless steel pipes
  • Finned coil condenser with copper pipes and large aluminium fins
  • Axial fans
  • Microprocessor controller with many parameters and alarms such as
  • Chronology of the alarms with memorisation of the last 50 events
  • General alarm free contact
  • Remote ON/OFF free contact
  • 2 standard programmable timed condensate drains
  • Phase monitor
  • Refrigerant compressor sump heater
  • Maximum ambient temperature = +43°C
  • Maximum operating pressure = 50 barg
  • Maximum air input temperature = +65°C
  • Electric protection rating = IP54.
Version with air cooled condenser
Version with water cooled condensaer
Version 60Hz
Version 60Hz UL
RS485 supervisor system
supervisor kit xWEB300D
Replicated remote control
Condenser filters

HPDry Data Sheet


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