Compressed air is used commonly used to power tools and equipment in production and finishing processes or to activate valves and instruments. The compression process itself causes the concentration of moisture, of the lubricant oil vapours and the particles of impurities present in the air sucked from the compressor, up to levels that can damage the pneumatic equipment, increase the need for maintenance or ruin the finished product.

DryPlus has been developed for the most discerning Users, offering advanced technological solutions. DryPlus is the optimal solution for those who require a dryer suitable for high air flow, fully customizable to the specific needs of the system. All models BD can be equipped with scroll compressors / screw / piston with high efficiency and are equipped with a regenerative tube bundle heat exchanger air / air and an evaporator finned battery capable of ensuring extremely low dew points in all conditions of use as well as to minimize the pressure drops and energy consumption.

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  • Exceptional reliability
  • Demister pre-filter, standard on all models
  • Phase monitor and standard compressors crankcase heater
  • Constant dew point in all conditions
  • Reduced refrigerant load (dry expansion evaporator, not flooded)
  • Condensate separation independent from air flow rate
  • Heat exchangers with flanged accesses: evaporator and air-air, are accessible from two sides via flanges, for maximum safety and easy maintenance
  • Low environmental impact and reduced carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant and the use of top quality materials that can be recycled
  • Refrigerant compressors: high efficiency scroll/screw/reciprocating compressors
  • Dry expansion evaporator exchanger with copper pipes and aluminium fins, compact and high efficiency with flanged access
  • Shell and tube air/air regenerative heat exchanger with flanged access
  • Shell and tube condensers for well/tower water
  • Pressostatic valves for condensation control
  • Thermostatic throttle valves
  • Hot gas by-pass valves
  • Microprocessor controller PCO, with many parameters and alarms that can control the compressors and the condensate drain
  • Chronology of the alarms with memorisation of the last 50 events
  • General alarm free contact
  • Remote ON/OFF clean contact
  • Standard zero-loss capacitive condensate drain
  • Standard phase monitor: guarantees protection from missing phase and incorrect sequence of phases
  • Refrigerant compressor sump heater
  • Maximum ambient temperature = +43°C
  • Maximum air input temperature = +65°C
  • Maximum operating pressure = 10 barg
  • Electric protection rating = IP54.
Environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, R407C
Version with water cooling for tower/well water
Sea water condensers
Power supply 60Hz (special)
ASME VIII U STAMP approved vessel (special)
RS485, ModBus, Lonworks supervisor system 
Replicated remote control

DryPlus Data Sheet


Purifying your compressed air, increasing your efficiency.

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