Compressed Air Leak Detection

As much as 40% of compressed air is often wasted in air leakage

BOGE Compressed Air Leak Detection Sytem

We are Professional Leak Detectors

It has been estimated that approximately 10% of all electrical power is to generate compressed air. As much as 40% of this compressed air is often wasted by air leaks thereby reducing your efficiency.

Our engineer will carry out a full system survey, utilising the latest leak detector technology in ultrasonic leak detection and data logging, will identify the source of these leaks and recommend specific corrective action. In virtually all cases, the survey, when coupled with corrective action, will provide energy efficiency savings many times greater than the survey costs.

Working in close collaboration with local qualified and approved contractor’s familiar with our tagging system, we are able to offer a cost effective solution for leak verification. All leaks will be tagged and sized and a report on the leaks found will be submitted.

Once a leak is rectified, it is commonly known that new leaks will develop within the compressed air network over a period of time. Therefore as part of sound compressed air management regime, a leak detection survey should be repeated on a regular basis, at least twice per year for most systems.


BOGE Compressed Air Leak Detection Sytem

The Advantage Of A Sound Compressed Air Leak Detection Management Programe Include:-

  • Continuous and significant energy cost reduction
  • Increased air compressor and treatment equipment life through load reduction resulting in lower cost of ownership.
  • Productivity improvements from maintaining higher system pressures.
  • Compliance with legislation when incorporated with other regulations.
  • Safety improvements through early detection.

During all service visits, you will be issued with a comprehensive individual report sheet(s), providing full traceability.