Infinity Aluminium Pipework


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The Infinity pipework range is a high performance aluminium piping system that is easy to install and simple to extend or modify. The non– corrosive extruded aluminium provides structural strength and delivers contaminate free air in a leak free piping system. The smooth bore of infinity piping prevents high pressure losses and allows for higher flow rates and performance than that of plastic systems.

  • Vast size and flow range – 20mm – 110mm
  • Assembly procedure is quick, easy and clean
  • Patented, unique fittings
  • Corrosion resistant tube, both interior and exterior
  • All fittings at every size are push fit and utilise captivated seals and grab rings
  • Uses – Compressed air, vacuum and inert gasses


The Pipework Benefits Include:

  • 20-110mm pipework for compressed air, vacuum and inert gasses
  • Rapid-fit & Easy to Install – no cutting, no threading
  • Powder Coated Aluminium Pipe 4 & 6mtr Lengths
  • Interchangeable with existing systems
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Flow Rates up to 3500cfm
  • 15bar Pressure
  • 110mm Lightweight Aluminium Fittings
  • 20mm to 63mm Nickle Plated Brass & Aluminium Fittings